Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Babies

Well I might die. My little man is starting Pre-School and I hate to be away from him for even a minute. He is an amazing boy that has such a good heart. I know he will do awesome at school. I wanted to do a back to school shoot with him and Mayci. Me and the kids favorite thing to do is make our many animals do funny things so we decided the do Crystal's (our dog) back to school pics too. She is going into the 4th grade :)


  1. Ok, you totally suck. Lol. I am so jealous and in awe of your creativity and talent!! I LOOOOOOOOVE these!! I wish you had been doing these for the last 4 years so I could get some every year for Kase. I need to plan on doing this next year! If I had unlimited funds I would so make you take pictures of us ALL THE TIME!!! Hahahaha! Love you!

  2. Oh and it IS SO sad to have them be gone from us! :o( It's even worse when they start 1st grade and are gone ALL day and you realize they will never be home as much as they have been ever again. *sniff* Talk about upsetting!! :o(

  3. K may may looks like such a big girl- i hate it lol!! Crystal looks like she is ready for her first day!! Linc is the man- I love his suspenders!! They are to cute :)